Ophelia Lind

Ophelia Lind is used to keeping secrets. But right now, they're ruining her life. Her secret identity is making her miserable. The secret protecting the love of her life is getting harder to keep. And her father is about to discover that she's the daughter he never knew he had.


When Hermes asks her to deliver one last message, she grudgingly accepts. It's almost a welcome distraction. Until everything goes cockeyed, the gods start disappearing and the Harbinger gets the blame.


With the gods on the brink of war, only Phi can uncover the truth in time. But when everyone she cares about turns against her, Phi's about to discover that some secrets shouldn't be kept. Because there's always something left to lose...

Discover the world of Ophelia Lind, average Aussie girl and courier for the gods.

A short bio and a few things you might not know about Peta Crake

DEFIANCE, the final Ophelia Lind book, is out now!

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Urban fantasy & paranormal romance author.


Welcome to my world.

Where fantasy, suburbia and romance collide in action-packed stories filled with tough heroines, troubled heroes and quirky sidekicks.

Sink your teeth into a paranormal romantic suspense.

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